“Mr. Gold” – Jim Sinclair – exclusive on Metallwoche

By Michael “the Düsseldorfer”

What only a few have realised so far…

It is a great pleasure for us to have once again Jim Sinclair in our show on Metallwoche again. „Mister Gold himself“ with 50 years of experience as a trader and investorhas a very straight view when it comes to financial markets. Jim sees developments which only a few have realised so far.In this interview Jim talks about the lesser demand for US Dollars in international trade settlements. It is still a quite but important development in 2012 which could start accelerating towards June.

Furthermore we talk about the upcoming event in Greece, the ISDA, Derivatives, CDS and Iran barred from using SWIFT. Last but not least Jim offers some of his views on the future changes and developments in the mining business and how investors can benefit from this. Welcome to Metallwoche International!

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 Jim Sinclair 06 03 2012

Jim Sinclair is Chairman and CEO of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation and publisher of JSMineset.com.

Homepage of Jim Sinclair

Homepage of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration

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