Ben Davies: Financial Repression and Technocratic Governments


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style="font-size: medium; color: #000000;">Today we publish a highly recommended Interview with Ben Davies, Fundmanager and CEO of Hinde Capital in London. This interview really chronicles actual history. Ben Davies shares his views with us about the actual events in the financial system in a very impressive way and why physical gold is a must have in everybodys portfolio. You will not only listen to the views and opinions as a fundsmanager. Ben is kind enough to let us be part of his personal and private settings as well. For us at Metallwoche this makes this podcast unique.

For German listeners:
Als Abonnent der Metallwoche haben Sie ebenfalls Zugriff auf die vollständige deutsche Übersetzung dieses wahrlich einzigartigen Interviews.

Homepage of Hinde Capital
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Hinde Gold Fund: Singularity – Transcendent Money

t-size: medium;">Ben:
Yes, that is right. If you just go to our website, which is, and that is spelled H-I-N-D-E capital dot com. The website has a section you see how to invest. You just fill in the minor details there and you get sent information that is not holding you to make an investment, at all. It just allows you to get the market materials and you have to sign off a disclaimer. That’s it. One of our marketing ladies will be very happy to help you or even myself. I often talk to a lot of our clients. I feel where it is possible it is really important that we communicate what we are doing. I think most of the people within the fund, we communicate regularly through our literature and through conversations, exactly, what we do. I would actually say not many now need to call us in terms of the performance of the fund. They know them when markets going up, gold markets. We are probably making the gold market, if not more. And when it is going down, we are not losing as much. But over a quarter over a year, we are outperforming and – I use this phrase again - as we say in English “we do what we say on the tin” and hopefully, we will continue to do that for you.

Ben Davies , Co-Founder & CEO of Hinde Capital. It was a great pleasure to have you on our show today. Thank you very much Ben.

I appreciate that you have invited me. Thank you very much.

You are welcome.

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