Chris Berry on Metallwoche: The Tug of War between deflation and inflation


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style="font-size: medium;">This interview with Commodity analyst Chris Berry from Canada was done by Lars Schall exclusive for the German Web "Metallwoche" during the International Precious Metals & Commodities Show, November 8th and 9th 2013 in Munich. Chris conducted a presentation for the audience about "The of War" between deflation and inflation in the world economy...

About Chris Berry

A life-long interest in geopolitics and the financial issues that emerge from these relationships sparked Chris’ interest in how economies grow and how wealth is created. This curiosity led to the study of commodities and the role they play in enhancing a society’s standard of living. He is a firm believer in the emerging Quality of Life Cycle emanating from Asia and believes it will have profound effects across the globe in the coming years. He currently devotes much of his time to “energy metals” – those metals or minerals used in the generation or storage of energy.

Together with his father, they co-author a newsletter focused on discovery called Morning Notes. You can subscribe to the newsletter at


For German listeners:
Als Abonnent der Metallwoche haben Sie ebenfalls Zugriff auf die vollständige deutsche Übersetzung dieses Interviews.

Homepage of Chris Berry

Chris Berry - Präsentation International Precious Metals Show in Munich 2013 (pdf)

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