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The founder and editor of “Ed Steer's Gold & Silver Daily” and board member of the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (GATA) is a hard money advocate for a long time. Today on our show for Metallwoche the correspondent for Casey Research talks to me about his homeland Canada, the dwingling demand for the US Dollar, the London Gold-Fixings, the manipulation of the gold and silver prices, some interesting observations in the COMEX delivery reports of the CME Group, about Eric Sprott, Ted Butler and much more.

Ed has well founded with me why he is „All In“ precious metals and the underlying companies and why he hesitates to trade his positions. Connected to me via phone is Ed Steer out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The interview was done by Michael, the „Düsseldorfer“. Enjoy the show!

rter of a century. In the silver market he is out there for 26 or 27 years. And then with the advent of the Internet he is now going public and, let’s face it, any knowledge about what is going on the silver market always started off with him. And I have never forgotten that and that’s why I keep his name front and center in my column.

And that is perfect so. Ed Steer, founder and editor of Ed Steer’s Gold & Silver Daily and director of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. Thank you very much for your time to talk with me for Metallwoche.

It was entirely my pleasure.

Thank you, Ed.

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