Jim Rickards: Gold manipulation is now so obvious it should embarrass the manipulators


First seen at Ed Steer's Gold&Silver Daily

Fund manager, lawyer, geopolitical strategist, and author, the ubiquitous James G. Rickards, tells Sprott Money News this week that a forthcoming statistical study of prices on the New York Commodities Exchange demonstrates overwhelmingly that the gold price is manipulated and suppressed.

As described by Rickards, the study sounds similar to the one done by the late GATA board member Adrian Douglas in 2010.

"If I were running the manipulation," Rickards says, "I would actually be embarrassed at this point because it's so blatant."

Governments are involved in the manipulation, Rickards adds, and they work through the Bank for International Settlements, whose annual report, as GATA often has noted, discloses that it intervenes in gold market constantly for its member central banks.

The audio interview runs for 28 minutes---and there's a full transcript as well.

You can go to the interview and the transcript by clicking here


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