Jim Willie on Metallwoche: Part II of the interview


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ng>By Michael, from Metallwoche.de

During Part I of this interview, we talked to Jim Willie, editor and publisher of the legendary „Hat Trick Letter“, about his announcements concerning upcoming changes in the Euro zone. Now, in this second part, Jim gives us a clear and straight view of his thoughts regarding China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, SWIFT, the US Dollar, Crude Oil and Gold. What does he mean by talking about a new “eastern alliance” and which role Germany may play here?

We are still connected over to Central America to Jim Willie, who for the first time ever gives this long audio interview to a German programme. The interview was done by Michael, from Metallwoche.de. Enjoy the second part of the show!

[audio:uploads/2012/04/Jim-Willie-Teil-2-ok.mp3|titles=Jim Willie Teil 2 ok]

Jim Willies “Hat Trick Letter”

Click here for Part I of this interview

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